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by Release Recommended Release (12.0.2 FP2)


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SKUECLEGABClient - Client UI - Fixed an issue where trying to import an image into a rich text lite field (like the one in the Preferences for Mail Signature)...
ASHACFU276Client - Workspace - Fixed an issue where the unread count indicator on Workspace database icon was not updating when doing "Refresh Unread Count" or...
ASHECECD76 Client - Views - Fixed an issue with views where computed action labels would sometimes disappear from view if the view remained open in the...
DNADCLLU8BClient - UI - Fixed an issue where desktop icons would not be shown and client would become unusable due to a memory leak. This regression was...
SRKMCM2A4BClient - Mail - Fixed an issue with MAPI in the Notes client where some attachment icons were showing as blank gray icon vs the expected icon. This...
KKOOC4RCP6Programmability - @Functions - Fixed an issue with @NameLookup where if the second parameter was "" when looking up "ShortName" that the short name...
ASHACHKJ8Q Client - Attachments - Mac - Fixed an issue on Mac where View Image option was not working for image file types with special and/or double byte...
NVENCPPKYUAdmin Client - Fixed a crash that could occur on 64 bit Admin client during organization or organizational unit certificate...
SBOECHK9PWClient - Workspace - Added the ability to rearrange workspace pages by using drag and drop.
ANIACLNBUEClient - Workspace - Fixed the display of the Workspace's stacked replica icon to be clearer. This regression was introduced in...
ASHACQEEEAClient - Attachments - Fixed an error that would trying to view or import MS doc, docx, pptx and xls file types - Errors were Unknown Viewer Failure...
AYAVCRHHJRClient - Embedded Sametime - Mac - Fixed an issue where ST awareness icons looked misaligned and font was very small in the embedded ST UI on the...
PDARCRVDSWClient - Editor - Mac - Fixed an issue where the new Meeting form was missing separator lines between some fields. This regression was introduced in...
AYAVCRWEJNClient - nsd - Updated nsd version to 14.
SAPLCSH9JMClient - Preferences - Fixed an issue where the 64 bit client was not showing the TCPIP time out option in preferences. This regression was...
JWIECT9BKTClient - UI - Fixed an issue where if the Domino Designer is in the foreground with the Notes client open in the background, moving the mouse outside...
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